January 11, 2018

An Oboe in the Amazon.

Mozart in the Jungle

The series kicked off in 2014, names like Roman Coppola, Jason Schwartzman y Paul Weitz have carried out this project that has achieved recognitions as Two Golden Globes (Best actor in a TV series – Comedy and Best TV series – Comedy)

 It portrays the life of Rodrigo DeSouza (Gael García Bernal), a successful Mexican conductor who is hired by the New York Symphony and wants to renew the institution taking the place of Pembridge (Malcolm McDowell) meanwhile the twenties oboist Hayley Rutiledge (Lola Kirke) hat seeks to be part of the orchestra.

The inspiration for the series comes from the work published in 2005 by the oboist Blair Tindall called “Mozart in the Jungle: Sex, Drugs and Classical Music”, in which she herself relates her experiences in the New York Philharmonic Orchestra. With this book, the author raised blisters telling truculent details of his professional circle. However, the series lowers the tone fleeing the scandal.

To create the character of Rodrigo de Souza the creators of the series were inspired by the young Venezuelan conducter, Gustavo Dudamel. About the character itself Gael says;

“Rodrigo has a very particular strength and is in an interesting existential crisis, he is a very tortured and lonely character because he wants his music to be relevant.”

From time to time they have guest artists like Monica Bellucci with Plácido Domingo in the third season, where they make a splendid appearance on the Venetian canals. Ana María Martínez, recorded the part of Bellucci soprano performed, in the role of the temperamental diva known as “la Fiamma”.

At the end of his Cameo appearance, Plácido has a nice conversation with Rodrigo (Gael Bernal) about Real Madrid C.F. The tenor does not how fan is, in fact he is the voice of the last hymns that fans have cheered in the recent historical moments of the club as the 100 Aniversary in 2002 and the last one about of the Tenth / Eleventh Champions League victory.

Artists have appeared like the pianist Lang-Lang y Emanuel Ax, and the violinist Joshua Bell. Paul Weitz, director, claimed that this was a chance to reach the public, habitual consumers of TV very attractive to musicians.

As a designer, I always look at the work they do for the series TV openings of these productions, always emphasizing the originality and freshness that characterize them each season and in their different episodes. As in the second season created by the designer Teddy Blanks of theCHIPS Design Studio.

About the song, Lisztomania, a version by Roger Neill that interprets the chords of the success of the French band Phoenix in its album Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix.

The term Lisztomanía comes on the legend of the mystical state and frenzy that reached the assistants to the concerts of the talented Franz Liszt. They added the «Manía» term. The Lisztomanía was characterized by intense levels of hysteria expresed by his followers.

The series itself accumulates memorable moments like the one of Venice previously mentioned or in the second season when they went through the Hispano-American adventure on Mexico D.F. and his Fine Arts Palace as stage.

After that there is nothing else, it is a production that tries to attract an audience with little or no knowledge about this cultural aspect. For that reason we can not demand a more complex plot to a production that if tempting to show off it would collapse.
Personally I am very fond of it because I coincided to visualize it with my period in the Teatro Vittorio Emanuele di Messina. Just lived in a space provided by the theater with other members of the Orchestra, in which some of my experiences and I shared previously by here.

To conclude, reproduce this list of the pieces that have appeared during the four seasons of the series and don’t forget to enjoy it.

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