March 8, 2016

BitSeller Shortfilm

Genoma Animation

What can happen when a writer writing methods traditionalists is forced to change his old typewriter for a computer? “Bitseller” is an animated short film without dialogue that tells the struggle between a writer of the old school and one bit of information inside your computer, with the theme music from Vivaldi La Follia as a thread of the narrative.

Original Title: Bitseller.
Year: 2013.
Duration:10 min.
Director: Juanma Sánchez Cervantes.
Script: Juanma Sánchez Cervantes.
Music: Sergio de la Puente, Inma Almendros.
Animators: Fernando Marañón, Jose Antonio Cerro y Juanma Sánchez
3D technical staff : Juan Ruiz Martínez, Salomón Gallardo, Sebastián Oliva y Juanma Sánchez
Sound: Francisco Cuadrado, Alson Studios y Jesús M. Gómez – NPPC Estudios
Producer: Genoma Animation.
Genre: Animation.

Juanma Sánchez Cervantes (1973, Granada) is a founder and director of Genoma Animation, creative studio that since 2000 makes and produces computer animation and digital interactive. Suckers, 2010 was the most important project, being producer and director. is an animated series for Disney XD internationally issued and other channels around the world. His filmography includes: Luxor X, animated short. El Enemigo, animated shortfilm. Suckers, and finally. Bitseller.

Genoma Animation is a digital animation studio located in Granada that performs and produces animated films, as well as products based on intellectual property thereof. Genome began operation in 2000 making animation services for advertising, popular science, entertainment, artistic heritage, teaching or engineering, among others.

In 2007, Genoma Animation became independent animation production with the production of his first short film for film, El enemigo. That same year he began development of its first animated series for TV, Suckers, which finally it occurred between 2008 and 2010, with Screen 21, BRB Internacional and TVC.

Currently, the company has developed two new series projects, MAU, a 99 year-old kid, and MauseCorp, and he produced his first short film for 3D-stereo: Bitseller.

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