June 29, 2015


Borgen is the colloquial term that is known to Christiansborg Palace, seat of the three state powers and the Prime Minister’s office. Borgen’s show story begins three days before the general election, which will elect the new Prime Minister. Birgitte Nyborg, the main protagonist, is a candidate for the Moderate Party, a party hinge rather than a party with chances of success. But after the electoral surprise, Birgitte becomes Prime Minister of the country. From that moment and to work for the Danes, fighting traps the opposition and trying to keep their promises electorales.A his side will, almost always, his communications chief, the young and ambitious Kasper Juul, dealing with the media, trying to communicate correctly and government actions relating to parties that formed the coalition politics.

Adam Price, Borgen creator, who is half British and also the TV chef; “I found it very interesting that in our self Western democracies want not bother to defend democracy might not even vote and is an interesting dilemma..

How can we defend democracy while being so cynical about it?”.

Borgen has a modesty getting close to truthfulness and without falling into simplicity, for his worldly plots and conspiracies that combine credible interest and disagreements with some fantastic final but far from lab scripts gear near perfect divinity.


It focuses on three pillars: political, media and family. The protagonists are politicians (and their families) and journalists (and relatives). The plot is the arrival of Birgitte Nyborg to the Government of Denmark with its subsequent metamorphosis. Chubby insecure Iron Lady from the progressive and moderate center party. She is leading a smaller group, it is the voice and face of the new democracy. The series not only reflects the role of women and family conciciliación in the world of politics through the leading role of Prime Minister Nyborg but also shows the strong relationship between journalism and politics.

Everyday conflicts sustain the crossroads of State. As they ascend and descend the characters. As hackneyed as well focused problems: lack of time, divorce, children, women incorporated into the workplace, nannies grandmothers, labor tripping, talent, lack of scruples, loyalty, illness, mature love …