June 20, 2015


My contact with Europe has been between France and Italy, so three years ago I decided to go to Poland to make an internship. Country that had a good reputation with Erasmus supposedly had a good level of English to practice. But one reason for moving there was the challenge of living in a location with temperatures below zero and supporting the lack of light. This last is not uncommon counting in my city in winter dusk 3 hours later than in Poland.

Well, until then, I thought a little more dominated Europe until I met Mads Mikkelsen. A tall, dark and with an exotic command of English language. I tried to do some research on it and I was surprised that he was Danish. DENMARK !! Northern Germany … no? but they were blond, barbarians and have the Ikea. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO !! Ikea is Swedish !! and with globalization there is much mixing … because nothing was going my ignorance diluted as it was seeing his works and knowing the culture and Danish history.

But hey! Who’s Mads?

The role for which he was known in his homeland was playing a cop in the Danish TV series (Rejseholdet, 2000). Until then rarely he is leaving his country.

He made an exception for (King Arthur, 2004) but everything changed after 007 (Casino Royale, 2006), where he played the evil and noble in The (Three Musketeers, 2011).

Nevertheless, he has continued to make their best work in his country. Although a (Royal Affair. 2012) plays a German, Dr. Johann Friedrich Struensee, illustrated who gets the confidence of King Christian VII, mentally ill, while starting a romance with the queen.

He won the best perform Award at Cannes for (The Hunt, Jagten, 2012). In this breathtaking drama overboard a difficult role as a teacher accused of child sexual abuse.

Where I discovered Mad was incarnating to (Hannibal,2013) Lecter, an unbeatable  Serie TV of an unbeatable film. While acknowledging that sometimes they pass to extend the time and the traumas of his film colleagues with no sense. Although the final valuation is completely remarkable.

The interpretation gathers the virtues of Mads as an elegant man with a calculator and seductive intelligence. After confirming his ability to act with (The Hunt, Jagten, 2012), well advised by my close friends, I decided to see (After the Wedding, 2006) where Mikkelsen performed an outstanding job. He played the head of an orphanage who came almost by chance at the wedding of the daughter of a billionaire willing to finance you. As the job title says, after the wedding is as interesting and Mads does lead it.