June 12, 2015


Aaron Benjamin Sorkin is an American screenwriter, producer, and playwright born in June 9, 1961 (age 54) in New York City .
After graduating from Syracuse University with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Musical Theatre in 1983, Sorkin moved to New York City where he worked in several jobs until he found one as IBM Selectric typewriter, job which he felt total confidence.
From first moment Aaron has been writing about American currently identity, is the case of A few Good Men, where play in the theatre as cinema a judge about Guantanamo prison.
After this, took part of several films growing his name and rising his worth.

His climbing on television to their own works began with (Sports Night, 1998), a show produced by Disney that recreates the intricacies of a sports writing.Although (Sports Night, 1998) was critically acclaimed, ABC canceled the show after two seasons.

By that time Sorkin was totally involved in the project now would give her greater recognition, (The West Wing,1999), which recounts the daily life of the President of the United States and his administration. During the first four years he was awarded by Emmy awards, but despite the success achieved was not all bright. Aaron was arrested for possession of diverse drugs, at that time his statements to the television executives and the US government did not help his image. The series ended in 2007 as an unforgettable audiovisual piece.

Even with problems and Aaron would not stop before the end of (The West Wing,1999) and had scheduled another production called (Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip,2006)in which represents the life of a late-night sketch comedy show. Sorkin Described the show as having “autobiographical elements” to it and “characters That are based on actual people”. Had a great placement by the public with a successful first episode midseason but fall precipitously, only it lasted one season.

After this adventure he returned to the theater, to collaborate with other productions and prepare what today has been his most recognized film contribution, (The Social Network, 2010), which tells of the creation and the growing current economic system through the skin the creators of Facebook.

But more recent is (The Newsroom,2012), that repeating patterns of previous work, portrays the life behind a newsroom. This time the work was again impressive, with first sweeping episodes and full of closer current events.

However he repeated with a second season with many nonsense, based almost exclusively on personal relationships rather than on the rich tapestry that was developing. At the end he was awarded a third season to do justice to the project and the fine cast.

Aaron is currently embarked on a promising project in which a talented team around him. The film in question is (Steve Jobs,2015) based on the novel by Walter Isaacson. Brittish Danny Boyle lead the group who come to life the visionary starring by Michael Fassbender to the big screen. After the disappointment of (Jobs,2013) starring by Ashton Kutcher are with the opportunity to enhance the entrepreneur as a national symbol generation.

Aaron Sorkin is one of the most heterogeneous characters of our time. Maybe that’s one of their sins when carrying out their work, in addition to always masked by patriotism dubious moral choices that their government operates globally.
In my opinion, Aaron is in the executive producer of (Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip,2006) played by Brad Withford the perfect model to capture their situation during the past seasons of (The West Wing,1999) and the beginning of it. The profile of a brilliant and successful career but circumstances under pressure and escapes drugs, but still detoxifies and returns to the top, recovery from the ashes like a phoenix.