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July 10, 2016


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My time at the Theatre of Messina has given to me incredible moments, those that leave you a mark throughout all your life. This was for example the weekend which I shared an apartment with eight musicians who were part of the orchestra of the Theater. They had met with the mission to perform at the Teatro Antico di Taormina the “Cavalleria Rusticana” opera, for the festival of “Le Terre del Sole”. A work from the italian composer Pietro Mascagni, with a remarkable sicilian identity. He reached to bring his music work up to a superior level. But this is no time to praise the work because I must first detailing in which magical way I discovered it.

On Friday 24 June, 8 people came from different parts of Italy to live under one roof. I quickly start to socialize with each of them by their attitude, influenced by their lifestyles due to job instability, which makes them always traveling to live their passion. That same day I was informed to witness the general test in the dance hall located on the top floor of the Teatro Vittorio Emanuele.

danzaorqAfter finish my office work, I went up the stairs with total ignorance about what I would attend. When I arrive I find the orchestra conducted by the pianist and orchestra director Gianna Fratta. The orchestra meanwhile were carried away by the her indications, as I could see from the door was how a large number of people were preparing to enter the room. Here I had my first shock, thinking they were members of an “excursion” … until they were placed, and began to sing, revealing that it was the Coro Lirico Siciliano.


I felt a magical atmosphere in that space. In spite of being illuminated with that sad gray light and smudged by the sound of the rain, which that was surrounded us with a sticky moisture due to the high temperatures of the early summer.

During this test, happened the more unexpected surprises for me. Like the stellar moment of the tragedy, which it resolves with a loud cry of lament at the end, which everyone expected … so when this occurred …I got a jump of surprise, but this awkward moment seemed to go unnoticed for the rest. . TURiiiiDDU!

After the rehearsal, my feeling about the musicians was release. They left all the accumulated tensions and went out of the aura of concentration which they enter every time make contact with their instrument. They seemed satisfied, happy. How the winner team after a sporting event.

ensayoentradawpThe next day a special air was breathed. All in a chaotical way, met after lunch to get ready and leave to Taormina. Meanwhile this happened, some violoncellists practiced at the entrance of the house.

Ready, each manages to find their form to arrive there. I luckily had the mediation by the magnificent Violoncellist Francesca Bongiovanni to go by the Domenick Gilberto car, stage photographer. A way of 50Km enjoying the beauty of the sicilian coast and the blue of the Ionian sea.

When we arrived I felt that strange feeling, like a Flashback, seeing how works the main access to the place, which was the use of the aerial tramway . We had to climb more steps to reach the center of the place still. Remembering to me how being in a Sky station. At the end I was rewarded watching the breathtaking view of the Spisone beach landscape.

Wandering about the streets, the place reach to wrap you in a fantasy environment but sometimes it developed in a fastidious way a cause of the tourism mass. Despite this, there were more modern places like the Experimental Cultural Center, where it is blended with the magical and historical place, It made me to think that it was a more interesting than just a charming place to sell souvenirs. Comparing the place with others around my hometown, it could be similar thanks to the altitude and traditional environment with Ronda , instead by the touristic atmosphere and exclusivity with Marbella.

llegada-teatrowpFollowing up the hill we finally arrived to the venue, the Greco-Roman Theater, The first impression was unbelievable, due to its aesthetic preserved for centuries. From his inside give us an majestuosity view, even in ruins it does not lose it. In that moment I noticed how the scenographers begin to complete details and the illuminators setting the spotlight and manage the electrical system while the musicians hold their instruments awaiting orders.


This is where everything starts, slowly heard the first chords, which will give life to the set. The extras are finding their place behind the decorated stage under an arch and the tenor begins to warm their vocal cords. A space framed, like a painting, a landscape showing the columns of the ancient theater with the picture of the active vulcano Etna at the back.


The sunset was running with the first tests, which is when you can feel the spontaneity by members of the orchestra, and how the director paused in the middle of a piece to repeat a sound that did not convince her.


Piazza IX Aprile

And it’s up there is like the general test ends, from there the fortune is cast. Time to recharge forces and energies going for a walk through the splendid Taormina. When we came back, I could appreciate how they set the place and the components of the orchestra were dressing up for the premiere, meanwhile I went into the Theater to watch an introductory film which tells the Young period of the protagonist. This film contain the sound of the awarded film soundtrack from Il Postino: The Postman  composed by Luis Enríquez Bacalov.

@Festival Le Terre del Sole

@Festival Le Terre del Sole

After the film the opera started, with the reason to get better acoustic, I was sitting in different places and altitudes to experiment and contrast it.

With the course of the Opera, it became increasingly familiar to me, but I felt that it wasn’t for having heard it repeatedly during the tests… even so, I followed enjoying of the music and the stage, knowing whatever moment it would reveal to me. But the same feeling came back, even more strong, with the intermezzo. All the emotions which they distracted me from what actually knew of the work, that songs that we usually listening on the TV, Radio and others Multimedia displays. But then of watching and listening we forget it completly.

Then at home, I researched and discovered that it belongs among the most famous film trilogies of the cinema history , El Padrino, in this third part of the saga when the action is narrating an operistic performance.

and at the end, where they make use of their charmed intermezzo.

On another occasion, it has a great protagonist at the start of the film starred by Robert De Niro in Raging Bull.

Finally, thank all the members of the orchestra their hospitality and kindness, for making me enjoy the experience and the company to such a wonderful point.


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