July 1, 2016

La Maschera e l’attaccapanni

The attraction of these experiences abroad are the new challenges they are offering you, these new experiences which due to not possess the capacity to cope, you have to face, explore and develop them. When you are involved in a project like this at the first time. You are no time to enjoy them, either for lack of time or maybe because you’re always busy.

wpmaschereThis how every project has its ups and downs, like when you see how the project isn’t going forward and when you don’t reach to communicate yourself properly for the rest of persons. However it is quite thrilling when you see how the final result is similiar which you wanted at the first time. Making yourself proud to have belonged to it.

The project to highlight was which I took part at the Teatro Vittorio Emanuele di Messina, with its tutors; Giuseppe Sigilli and Maria Corrieri called from the start as; “The Theater of the Identity, the Identity of the Theater”. For the organization of a project which the students from “F.Maurolico” di Messina and the “G.Galilei” di Spadafora schools. The target of this project consist to make a Theater Play from nothing, creating severals students groups by each production department.


The role of director was carried out by Gianni Fortunato, who made clear his professionalism, which it is justified because of its long experience in projects of this type and even an international range.

Regarding of Dance, Modesta Fierro, archeologist, she is dedicating more than 25 years one of her greatest passions, the dance, which she tries to spread in each project which she is involved.

All began one Monday, June 13, when students took the opportunity to enjoy an experience in the theater after receiving the summer holidays. The program was divided in two parts; a first  dedicated to give information and reflection about the main theme of the project and another second one concerning in a way more practical with enjoyable activities.

The first day the Dr.Saverio Pugliatti and the Prof. Tania Toscano with the others Tutors of the project made a project presentation in the Sala Sinopoli venue in the Teatro Vittorio Emanuele. During that day they showed the structure and departments which belongs  to the Theatre.

In the Art Gallery there was an exhibition of Aurelio Valentini artist, which was quite interesting, where we watch a serial of works with a remarkable evolution in his artistic skills adding the collage at his creations. Neverthless the artist wasn’t the point, it was its concept above all, works which shows currently of a market, where customs and modernity collide with other cultures living in a space where display an identity. An identity which it wasn’t on our mind previously but it’s which reflect the reality at the end.
Later Gianni Fortunato takes over it to make the first acting exercises and expose the students, for the reason to begin to be inhibited of its introversion for evaluate their artistic skills.
The next day Prof.Giovanni Molonia gently, make a historic speech about the role of the city of Messina in different times of its history and the importance of the theater in it.

Renzo Di Chio, lighting designer explains all the ins and outs of the stage, their size, components, types of lights, etc. He encourages to the students to look inside their passion, to work and live a day of it.wprenzo-palcoscenico

Tuesday 21 a they make a small excursion to the Tremestieri Workshop, where they find how to make and build the scenography of the theatre production. Santino Ruggieri gave the welcome, explaining the process of work of previous productions to them.

The group in charge of the Sceneography make three wood frames with a varnishing application then. Those would be essential elements for the play.



Tuesdau 23 the students are visited by Angelo Campolo, an actor from the zone who tells his experiences and perspectives about the theatrical world. His last perform at the theater was with IL BUGIARDO which with the play MOSTRO CALIGULA were the last to close 2015/2016 season.


Since then, begins the countdown to complete the preparations for the play. The script and the final poster design is reached to..



wppianoCertain music pieces are in charge by the students themselves .

The passage of time is happening without realizing it, seeing how the boys are gaining confidence and naturalness on stage. Skip a day of trials is how to find the next day a group of unknown people. It was quite evident the artistic and personal growth of each member of the project.


Especially we observe this development in dance.wp-danzaWhere we see the girls as they approach a remarkable level of syncronization in their movements. Being able to interact with the elements and environment.


The deadline is near and the day of the theatrical representation even more, everyone is excited to give the best of themselves on the scene, surprise their family and deserve the applause of the public.

wpattacapanniWhen the day arrives, they begin to feel the tension, all are being aware that they are their last test whereby it finally stops to be a game.


Until the decisive moment


Getting a great success thanks to the work done. Highlining the involvement of the remarkable artistic direction and the other members of the project who they have helped achieve this.



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