March 1, 2016

Let’s the play begin!

When harmony is everything...

One month ago a govermement institution inform me about the chance to start a new adventure in Italy, Since that I have tried to catch up with materials and knowledge that had not been studied in depth by priority issues than others which are presumably more competent facing the laboral world.

This chance gives me the opportunity to engage fully in the world of theater. To participate in all its variants, some already experienced and also be prepared to surprise with others. Among them is an old friend with whom I flirted and unordered ways in several occasions. Yes, friends, it is the complex and flirtatious Opera.

My first experience dates back to mid-December 2009, at that time I was studying in Milan and I stumbled upon my operatic baptism on an unexpected and unusual way, but in an unforgettable time. The venue was the Teatro alla Scala di Milano and the play was CARMEN  from Bizet.

In the beginning my ignorance aided looked through the previous viewing of the film starring by Paz Vega and directed by Vicente Aranda (‘Carmen’,2003), but at the end of the first act I forgot to get carried away by the fantasy of the moment. It should be emphasized again the term unusual as my way to access the theater temple was unconventional, being a method which could not have seat all function. This lasted 5 hours, which were one of the most exciting of my life.

Christmas and exams time kept me busy for a while. But after this time I did not let pass the opportunity to attend a new function, in this occasion thanks to the publication from a young journal to a ‘pre-premiere’ of a German-speaking Das Rheingold play, created by Wagner.

This had the peculiarity in which the suplent starring character took over the role, with no experience or any rehearse to the public before the premiere. I must say that from my ignorance that the interpreter was superb, and if I had not known that fact, I would not perceived in any way. The work itself had a more contemporary visual style without classic apexes.
Instead, thanks to the contrast with Bizet’s opera, I discovered to perceive the differences between them. Wagner showed me a dark soul driven by a majestic musical composition which was the interpreter an even more grandiose in each of its interventions.

On my return to Spain I did not attend more performances, yet I saw many pieces on the internet. As a result, I managed to sharpen a bit more from the audio and visual aspect between the different productions.

I began a new stage in Poland, specifically in Poznan. I chose a City by several factors among which was the its amazing Theatre. But for various reasons I did not find the time to attend a new representation. This would not be until November 1, 2013, the day I attended my last opera til now. La Traviatta by Giuseppe Verdi in the Teatro Florida from Algeciras, a much more modest but with the same amazing atmosphere of the previous events..


In my opinion I consider the Opera as the totalitarian expression of art in their essence. From the craftsmanship of the props, the careful and delicate lighting and the composition  which can levitate both, vocal and musical performers. A laborious human chain that manage to convey all its magic live way, giving us a unique moment, a moment that will never be repeated and that never existed before.

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