September 1, 2017

Mooc! Mooc!

In this times of extreme competitiveness and 360º professional skills requirements while at the same time the total mastery of a specialty seem like basic points in our résumés.

So there is also no one who can complain about the training possibilities that offer us today have internet connection and have access to countless digital documents, the ability to contact specialists, video tutorials, etc.

Thanks to the development of all these advances has evolved to create platforms in which users have been sharing knowledge, therefore, educational institutions have not missed the opportunity to take a step forward and create platforms with specific courses thanks to the What can continue our training without being obliged to reside in the place where they are held.

This is the birth of the MOOCS. A MOOC or COMA (Open Online Massive Course) is a course composed mainly of Open Educational Resources (OER) and designed to be taken through the Internet by anyone without the need for a teacher on the other side.

These are proving very useful to me while I carry out my projects remotely. Which help me to improve the professional and even personal role that I intend to play in the future.

The following courses I have done or I am currently in it. Divided between different areas of interest in languages such as Spanish, English and even Italian.


EntrepreneurshipCultural ManagementAudiovisual ProductionOpera

My personal opinion on these courses is not all positive. The surgement of this trend courses has damaged the achievement and quality of most products. Sometimes filling up too many minutes with useless material or simply not really going into the subject, which leads us to an unnecessary waste of time repeating in loop the same type of content.


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