April 15, 2015

Nanni Moretti

Giovanni Moretti, aka Nanni Moretti was born on August 19, 1953 in Brunico, Bolzano.
It is one of the most emblematic directors of the Italian left, by his ideology, his critical speech and independence in their works.

From adolescence begins to cultivate his two great passions, swimming and cinema, where the diving is present in (La Stanza del Figlio,2001) – or absolute role-the amnesiac player (Palombella rossa,1989) – this last, was recorded when the Berlin Wall crumbles, and communist ideology became in crisis. The use of amnesia of a water polo player in the game showing a misplaced character is questioned and continuously try to remember their ideals and outlook on life.

Combines freshness with the inquiry into the concerns of human beings.

The topics of his films are those of his own life under criticism from outside as egocentric, Moretti is defined as an atheist and communist, but it comes out a rare honesty that has no problem questioning it.
Since the early films, it focuses on Roma city as protagonist of his works organized around the exclusive presence of the director himself on camera, more like self spokesman in strict nature of actor. He circulated around the friends and relatives set who gave character to his works and generational group portrait.

          Since (Caro Diario, 1993) in which narrates through three episodesthat go from Roman motorcycle rides to fear of disease with a strong autobiographical character, after that it became a phenomenon, probably beyond his own expectations, being recognized as best director in Cannes.


“Chi parla male, pensa male e vive male. Bisogna trovare le parole giuste: le parole sono importanti!”

– “He who speaks evil, think evil lives and evil. You have to find the right words: the words are important!”

    (La Stanza del Figlio,2001) takes off from autobiographical references in which a family lost their eldest son in a tragic accident.
It is a look at the unexpected death and the difficulty of acceptance, a poignant reflection on pain.


        (Il Caimano, 2006), presents the story of a film producer Series B that is both professional and family and social crisis, facing debts, petty projects and neglect both his colleagues and his own wife. This producer suddenly you get a script with the story of a character who is neither more nor less than Berlusconi, leader of the Italian right itself.

Moretti realizes cultural and social trivialization of Italy embraced the neoliberal economic model to fracture it in two and create a complete polarization. He display Social exclusion presents a world wrapped in the trappings, consumerism and neoliberal empty.