March 13, 2016

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My way to learn a new language...

      Learning a new language, this task seems a world that surpass a wall but still every day seems higher. People tell you it’s just putting in the hours, that you must practice it, you must go to class … but really with the time you have … but … Do you notice any progress week after week?

Here I present my roadmap (which is not great innovation) to acquire a basic level in any language thanks to the resources provided by the Internet. Support tools that help us to practice a more enjoyable and entertaining repetitive exercises that we must to face to memorize.

The use of FlashCards It is the basis of my methodology, a technique known to memorize, which on one side of the card is the word to learn and on the other translation / explanation side .


This application works with this technique but it goes a little beyond its conventionality. You can participate in different courses by different users of the platform finding you a wide variety of courses of all kinds of materials to store, but the main route is the languages.

The App encourage motivation weekly / monthly ranking system. My application use is to focus on making contact with the language, exercise the brain with new words with the purpose to understand the 40% / 50% of the content of a publication sentence in that language.

Definitively, I find a great way to break the ice with this application, without having to face a boring vocabulary in a white paper. Available by web, Android and iOS.


It is a more basic app but also has a large community behind. Essentially it portrays the term of FlashCards, but also contains courses, its main utility is the ease of being able to create different sets of cards and can edit them. My main use is to create a series of cards exclusively of the words I find most difficult to learn. Available by web Android and iOS.

LEARN BY HEART without any other complications. Simply knowing how to communicate with the basic knowledge of the language knowing recognize that time belongs our message.


The free platforms are a great help to develop our ability to build a language. They challenge us to achieve a daily goals, stressing the key importance in practice. Not only do we have that platform as a reference, Busuu, Babbel y Livemocha work the same way but with more limitations to reason that require payment methods.

Rosseta Stone

It is the payment option par excellence, has a variety of levels and languages to acquire. A proven reputation especially in the Latin region as a improvement of the American dialect. This is not the most visually appealing, but it is equally effective to the above options.s.

Finally, when we have already acquired skills and learned some idioms, get use of the first person in each tense … or just …. learn to say bad words …. Congratulations! Now it is when you really have everything to start learning a language. For that you have to keep working all previously known  and begin with CONNECTORS. These will help quickly hone your language skills and get more natural in your speech.

In conclusion, I have not discovered a new galaxy, but I made the most productive tools that I have found in my learning path. Still, I am open to try new methods to keep growing.



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